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nexus 6p

  1. Qoncussion

    What's the most stable flight app for Android?

    This has been discussed to death here in various forms, but straight up - what is the most stable flight app for Android 7.1.1 (nougat)? DJI GO 4, and previous versions of the GO app, have a steady track record of crashing on Nexus 6P phones (among many other Android devices). If I can just...
  2. DebianDog

    Android Nexus 6P disconnects and battery errors

    Sometimes the app just crashes for no reason, it seems to crash more often while in modes (tripod, POI, etc) and once in a while it crashes so hard it resets the controller forcing RTH. The hard crash, for whatever reason, also causes a battery error. All 3 batteries will do this. Mavic on the...