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night flights landing pads

  1. E90RAW


    So, I have to admit it. I love flying my M2P/M2Z at night. The sound of the blades slicing through the night air as it passes overhead, the scintillating lights blinking like a twinkling star in the distance, the glaring landing light illuminating the the surrounding sky like a UFO. I love it...
  2. Don't Wanna

    Landing Pads all sizes-with Lights and LED For Night Flights and landing

    Built for night flights from my back deck. All the markers and LEDs. With red. orange-yellow and white LEDs. 3 power supply 1-2xAA which powers the fiber/rope lights and the 1-3x-AA which powers all the LEDs also has the most power. All switches and indicator led for switching are built right on...