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no video transmission

  1. S

    No video input or map...

    I’m running a MEP 2 with the smart controller. Everything is 100% up to date. For some reason I will just suddenly loose all video feed. A completely black screen... it’s random. I can be flying 20 feet in front of my face and poof no video. Turn it off and back on again I’ve got video. That’s...
  2. Vilhiem

    Pixelated Video, then Freeze, then No Video

    I am completely confused here. After doing a sensor calibration (due to an error I was getting that Precision Landing required a sensor calibration) ... I took the Mavic Pro up today and started seeing some pixelation ... then the video froze ... then absolutely no video at all!!! I've since...
  3. E

    Gimbal not moving, no camera feed

    I crashed my Mavic in a lake in Norway a couple of weeks ago. I was able to get it out of the water after about a minute. Gimbal flat cord broke. I have now replaced it but gimbal still does not move and still no camera feed. Any ideas? (Everything else seems to work ok)
  4. D

    DJI Mavic Pro Gimbal Ribbon Cable Burnt and Smoked

    Hope everyone had a great day so far. I desperately need some help here with my Mavic. I crashed it couple weeks ago: the broken parts are gimbal ribbon cable and one of the dampening rubber bands. So I did replace the gimbal ribbon cable first and everything worked except the video was so...