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  1. Claudcw

    A brake from the rain!!! woo hoo!!!

    4 days in a row with rain here in NJ, got to kill one battery today before it started again... Nothing special just good to fly again.
  2. B

    New Pilot in Cleveland, no idea where to fly

    Hey all, Just got my Mavic Pro. All charged up. Now I need to find places near Cleveland, OH where I can safely fledge my little eagle. Anyone in the area interested in flying or even know some drone friendly places to get started? Buzzy
  3. LoveJoy

    Pilot checkin' in from NYC

    Just bought my mavic home today. Getting used to flying here in the big apple.
  4. tnhl1989

    Hi from Boston, MA from USA

    Hi all, I am completely a noob to flying drones and can't wait to start. I ordered my drone through the DJI website on Oct 12th. 2016 while I was going on a hike with my friend who happened to carry a DJI Phantom 3 Pro with him. I ended up ordering the flymore combo kit while on the ride up...