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northern california

  1. R

    Mini 2 Cliff Flying Over Bidwell Park

    I've returned after a seven-month hiatus with another drone video :) This is a compilation of footage taken over Upper Bidwell Park located in Butte County, California. It's known for being one of the largest municipal parks in the nation and features gorgeous cliffs that surround a serene...
  2. R

    Updated place to fly in SF Bay Area/East Bay/South Bay

    Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum and to the drone scene. I've been flying my MA for about a month now. But that's been next to the park that I live by in Fremont, CA. I would like to go somewhere else to fly my MA. After hours of research (looking at Airmap, googling for safe areas), I...
  3. @idofuel

    Nor-Cal 209 area pilots?

    Anyone fly in the 209?