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  1. Bruhaha

    Drone attack on Venezuelan President

    I just saw that President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela was “attacked by explosive laden drones (article mentions two drones). Of course this is early and the fog of war is thick at this point. I know the US is frequently blamed for Venezuelan economic ills so we will get no info concerning...
  2. A

    Favorite Videos of 2017?

    What were your favorite videos of 2017 and for you long time flyers, what was your most view video of the year? Below are mine! Would love to hear feedback and to see what everyone else favorite and most viewed are! Happy Holidays! FAVORITE: MOST VIEWED:
  3. A

    Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant - 4K

    Anybody know of any abandoned places that would be cool to drone? Currently researching ideas of places to go or visit to drone out of the ordinary realm and would love some feedback! Anything helps! Thanks!
  4. D

    Mainland China, who needs it?

    Nope, Im not talking about nuclear warfare but in Settings. In the USA do we need to enable; Use Amap Imagery (for China Mainland) and Calibrate Map for China Mainland? What is that about?