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official mavic air range leaderboard!

  1. Texas Mavic

    ***SOLD***ITELITE DBS Nanosync ANTENNA $40free ship!! Click here for the details please!

    $40 bucks shipped free!!!!! Hello fellow pilots, I have here an Itelite DBS directional antenna. With two patch cables to connect to your modified controller. I bought this a few months back, tried it out on a couple flights, and in the closet it went. I posted it for sale on eBay...
  2. Drone Master

    Official Mavic Air Range Leaderboard!

    Thought I would start this thread simply because there has always been one on each forum within the Drone Pilots Network. As time moves forward, antenna and controller modifications will become the norm with the MA.. As many of us know, we don’t expect huge distances or range from the MA...