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osmo mobile

  1. B

    Villages Natures Paris Osmo Mobile 2 4K - my first YouTube Attempt

    This is my first YouTube Video of part of my Journey to paris. So this is very very amateur like :-) I also shot some drone videos with my mavic air, but i struggle to upload them because of the legal restrictions.
  2. C

    DJI/Apple fan boy goes to the Cote d'Azur and learns a few things

    I'd like to share this video. I got to stay here as a guest of the owners and am delighted to say they wanted a video of the villa as they want to promote it more to extend the rental season. A lot of fun was had and lessons learned a few of which I share below. • All filmed in 4k 30fps...
  3. E

    DJI Osmo and Zenmuse M1 - SOLD

    I got a DJI Osmo and Zenmuse M1 for sale if anyone is interested. New and barely used couple times to check the features, no scratches or any damage. I got them as part of a deal with my Mavic Pro, but I honestly don't see myself ever using them. Also included extra 2 batteries, extra case...
  4. Seabas82


    here is some DJI Osmo Mobile + Mavic Pro Footage of Chicago on my latest trip. hope you enjoy!