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  1. Sandia Sunset

    Sandia Sunset

    Sandia Peak at sunset
  2. Fenton Lake

    Fenton Lake

    Fenton Lake NM
  3. DroneMan_ID

    Air 1 Oregon Trail Reserve, Boise, ID

  4. T

    The Finnish archipelago from up above

    Oh did I enjoy this day out with my boat and my mavic! Had to land the Mavic on my boats roof, now that wasn't something I want to do again! Pretty tight (not on the video).
  5. T

    Lake and North Platte Drone Footage

    Hello everyone. Here are a couple recent edits I have done with footage from my Mavic Pro. The lake one is from Lake of the Ozarks, MO & the Wyoming shots are from a recent fly fishing trip on the North Platte river near Casper, WY. Hope you all enjoy.
  6. A


  7. C

    Iceland with Mavic Pro

    Uridafoss Waterfall: Route 1 East of Reykjavik: Black Sand Beach at Reynisfjara:
  8. T

    A Finnish National Park, with snow and (camp)fire

    Did a short trip to the "wild", ie. a national park in Southern Finland. Almost perfect flying conditions with practically no wind at all. Really fulfilling to be able to shoot these scenes from up above and using the Mavic as a steadycam from time to time, in tripod mode. The opening scene and...