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  1. cgmaxed

    DJI Drone Internal Transmitter Booster. NOT FOR the RC, but for the drone itself.

    Does anyone know who might supply RF boosters for drones themselves? Or, how the drone's output signal can be boosted. I'm not interested in boosting the R/C. That's been done. I'd like to boost the drone's RF output itself. Flying low in wooded areas is very limiting. If the drones output RF...
  2. F

    Aperture controls? Filters? HDMI output?

    Anyone have any idea: How aperture is controlled (this is very exciting)? How filters might work for the M2P? Dear God, please say the remote has HDMI output...
  3. A

    Vídeo output during the flight...

    Hi guys, Quick question please for happy CS owners: is it possible to output Mavic's camera during the flight using the HDMI port? Many thanks!
  4. X

    Display Phone Screen on Laptop

    This might be impossible or maybe not but I just had this idea. What if somehow we could view our drones camera from a laptop with a big HD screen? is this possible with some sort of trick?