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  1. J

    My 1st weeks stats here in King of Prussia PA

    Hello All Mavic Pros! Here are stats my after flying this bird that looks like a crab for a week... # of flights: 34 # of flights returned to my 14x20 cardboard landing pad with x on it. 30 Total Distance: 207236 ft Total flight time: 4 hrs 36 min Top Total Distance in 1 flight: 26121 ft...
  2. S

    Favored Mavic Accesories I've personally own, bought and use.

    I thought I would include some of my favorite accessories I've bought for the mavic in a list. I do reviews on gadgets but not much on accessories for things. But I still wanted to,share what I've personally bought and used with others that have wondered about these items. Most of these can be...