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  1. B

    Air 2 Sunrise Panorama - Victoria, Australia

  2. P

    Mavic Air 2 Pano RAW files like the original Air?

    Can anyone confirm if the Mavic Air 2 produces individual RAW files as a result of generating the 180 panos? The original Mavic Air produces RAW and JPG files for the Pano modes which you can retrieve from the SD card, so likewise, I'm keen to ensure that the Air 2 continues this feature. I...
  3. Jess Zpa

    Les pans de Travassac • ?️ Slate pit of Mont Saint-Michel[FR]

    Hi guys, I want to share with you this, unique site in france.They used to produce high quality Slate back in the days. Hope you enjoy !
  4. S

    How to identify folders under panaroma

    Hi, I took some pararoma shots such as 360, 180, horizontal, etc. Now on SD card i can see 4 different folders, how can i identify, which folder is for 360, which for 180 and which for horizontal.