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pano mode

  1. C

    2 Pro Morning in the Santa Cruz Mountains

    Fairly new pilot, still haven't taken the drone more than 100 yards from my house but learning the Mavic 2 Pro. I just found the panoramic modes and they give you a nice perspective. Here's my first shots at about 350 feet looking out over the forest.
  2. Rabel2395

    Play bottom sd card error

    I have dji go 4 and mavic platinum I want to stich my photos pano mode but here start the drama When i go to the play bottom after shooting pano mode just see black screen and a Message try again conection lost I try all Different device redowland app filewires change sd card and all works but...
  3. ArchieFPV

    Mavic 2 Pro - Panorama resolution

    On my original Mavic I was able to save the Raw files at full 4k resolution and stitch and edit them on my PC. But after enabling "Save Originals" on the Mavic 2 the raw files are only 960x640px. Am I missing something? How do I get the full 4000x3000 resolution I want?
  4. kcoleman805

    Blurry Spots on Panorama on Mavic Pro

    I love the new Panorama feature available on the Mavic Pro but have noticed sometimes when I take photos with this feature it is blurry in some spots. Please help me figure out my problem. I have attached some photos to show you what I mean.
  5. Gr8fulTed

    Pano Mode Freezes

    Still learning my new Mavic Air. One thing that keeps occurring is the Pano mode not seeming to work, or work correctly. Whenever I attempt to take a horizontal Pano, it freezes/stops at the 16% completion mark. Haven't tried the other Pano modes, just this one. Twice. Anyone had this issue and...
  6. lizouv

    Help - New Pano mode can't be accesed.

    Hey Guys, I wanted to use the new Pano mode for the Mavic, I have everything up to date. Mavic firmware v01.04.0100 controller v01.04.0100, DJI GO 4 App V4.1.18. I'm currently using an Iphone SE with the latest Firmware IOS 11.2 I can actually see the mode in the app, however, when I click on...