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  1. Sir Maxwell Greene

    3 South Thailand - Short movie!

    Takin it South - Lee brothers on the road Exploring the islands near Trang and the mountains in Southern Thailand, my brother and I took our camping trip to the next level. Check out the video of him spinning fire on devil sticks, capturing the raw thrill of our adventure. Filmed primarily with...
  2. A

    Hawaiian Honeymoon

    This video isn't completely drone footage, but some is so I thought I'd share it as I'm very proud of the way it turned out. Not sure if this post will last, but I hope it does as I did use my drone multiple times during the trip and during the edit. Hope y'all enjoy and would love feedback!
  3. A


  4. MastroVisuals

    Exploring Costa Rica with my Mavic

    Here are some videos I made while down in Costa Rica with my Mavic Pro: