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pelican 1400

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    Pelican 1400 vs iM2100

    Pelican iM2100 Pelican DJI Mavic Drone Case: Camera & Photo from Case Club is just too pricey $133.62, they charge almost double for the precut foam, which is insane. Pelican 1400 case is a bit smaller, bought it on sale for $50 (around Christmas) Pick and pluck foam is kinda...
  2. V

    Pelican 1400 used cases SOLD OUT

    I have several Pelican 1400 cases used. All of them are Yellow. Used for storing equipment on boats at one of our locations. 40 + units Anyone interested? Shipping would be extra of course and I would only charge the exact shipping I pay at the post office or you could arrange your own. Foam...