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  1. B

    How to create a flight plan

    Hi All I need to make a application to the CAA / NATS for a non standard flight in central London and will need to submit a flight plan as part of that. Any recommendations of websites or apps that allow you to create the plans? Many thanks Ben
  2. CarlosCN

    Permit/Insurance for M2Z required in USA?

    Hi, Would you please help me with the following points? I live in China and have my M2Z registered here. I will be visiting USA (LA, NV) for two weeks. Do I need to register the equipment in USA? How? Are there conditions e.g. max. altitude or areas where permitting is not required? Can you...
  3. Papone93

    Andrea From Italy Living in Dublin

    Hi everybody i have been looking for answers about everything so far on this forum... really thanks. BuT now I have an important question , i will visit Mongolia on February, i got a Mavic pro and i'm wondering if is there any permit or registration that has to be done upfront or even in...
  4. M

    Costa Mesa Model Aircraft /Drone Permit

    I wonder if anyone has gotten the Costa Mesa Drone Permit? Model aircraft/drone flying permits | City of Costa Mesa
  5. jtcfilms

    Special Event Permit to fly my drone???

    Hey all, just wanted to get some conversation rolling around what I heard from an event planner in South Florida (South Beach Miami to be specific) this week. So I have a video job filming an engagement proposal on Friday night at a rented out top floor of hotel on the beach. When asking the...
  6. F

    Costa Rica Rules and Regulations

    I'm not getting too many hits over at the sUAV R&Rs thread so I thought I'd drop this here in case anyone wanted to share their experiences... I'm traveling to Costa Rica at the end of the month and I've done some research into the rules and regulations I may encounter during my trip. I've...