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  1. X


    Hey all. I was hoping to the post my questions here since there are a couple and there are so many opinions out there. I just wanted to start a discussion here with a few questions. I have a M2Z that I just got yesterday. Did a ton of research for best photo videos settings but I have a few...
  2. J

    No shooting photos

    Hello, I had my Mavic Pro since 2 years and always have worked perfectly, but half a year ago it started having problems with shooting (I never crashed it), I had to press a lot of times or wait after 15 minutes flying to be able to shoot photos, but now it doesn't do anything, it can just take...
  3. Adamcain112

    Delaware River Frozen

    Frozen river between NJ and PA it was very hard to focus with the sun going down and it was very windy.