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  1. macnug

    Emirates Mavic Air carry on

    Hi Guys, i was wondering if someone of you did carry on the Mavic Air in an Emirates flight. In few days i will leave from MXP-JFK-LAX and i heard of Emirates drone policy. Seems that drones must be in the checked lugguage. I will fly with a backpack so i am deeply concerned on damages may...
  2. M

    F22 Raptor and P51 Mustang From My Rooftop

  3. M

    Taking my Mavic to Iran

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Mavic and my first trip is in about a week to Iran. I would love to hear some advice on the following topics: 1. I'm not sure if it is allowed to bring my drone to Iran. I can't find any experiences with that, does someone has experiences with bringing a drone to...
  4. mlaczek

    Fake or not.

    hi guys, what do you think, this picture is fake, or not? if not, i'll traveling by plane never anymore. :eek:
  5. J

    mavic on planes

    Soon I will be flying from the US to the UK with my mavic. I have a total of 5 batteries for it but may have 6 when I leave. I'm flying on delta and virgin Atlantic. Does anyone have any tips/ tricks to help me get it there safely? If you have any information regarding anything please let me...