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polarpro cinema series

  1. DroneMeUpBali

    Polarpro ND filters

    Hi there, I am living in bali and it s not really easy to find polar pro cinema series filters in here. I found this set today but i have a doubt: on the bottom of the box you can see it says only "mavic". Do these filters match with mavic air or pro? Thanks in advance
  2. I

    Great free Polar Pro Filter app.

    You maybe already on it, but just in case, there's a great free app from polarpro that helps take the guess work out of ND filter selection BEFORE you take-off.
  3. mysticgnarwhal

    PolarPro Aurora Cinematic Presets - LUT Comparison

    I haven't seen many videos out there comparing the Aurora LUTs offered by PolarPro. I decided to purchase them and I did a comparison of all 12 presets. I used the same clips for all the different LUTs for comparison. I also used a PolarPro ND/8-PL filter for these samples. What does...
  4. J

    Can u last the full 45 seconds? Mavic Pro Vertigo shoot with cinematic effect

    Remember to Turn on the sound Thumbswayup Just got this badboy a few weeks ago and did a Vertigo Shoot with the Polarpro ND4 filters fitted on. Rendered with Sony Vegas Pro with color effects. If u reach the end of the clip, see if the letters look weird to you
  5. iamSteve

    Welsh Hills & Valleys

    A short film showing of beautiful hills and valleys of North Wales. Any improvement comments always welcomed.
  6. Seabas82

    Mavic Pro - Coconut Grove Marina

    Got some decent weather the other day and got the Mavic up in the air to Take some of the beautiful views of Coconut Grove's Marina. The sun was somewhat in the horizon which made it a good choice to use the ND8/PL filter from Polar Pro Vivid Series. it brings out contrast on the shallow parts...
  7. PolarPro

    PolarPro Cinema Series Filters-Video

    Hey Guys! So a lot of people have been asking for videos showing our new Cinema Series filters in action. These are a few shots I compiled over the last two months during testing. Shot with the Mavic, Phantom 4 Pro, and Inspire 2 X5S. Let me know if you have any questions! -Jeff from PolarPro