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    Greetings from Poland, Gliwice!

    Hello pilot community! I am from the south of Poland, Gliwice. I have been the owner of the Mavic Mini 2 for a month. This is the beginning of my adventure with drones. I hope for unforgettable moments with photography and films from my drone, as well as for the support of experienced...
  2. Czchów Castle

    Czchów Castle

    Castle in Czchów - the ruins of the royal castle from the 13th-14th centuries. The ruins are located in Czchów on a hill called Tower over Dunajec
  3. Cricoteka Kraków from bird eye

    Cricoteka Kraków from bird eye

  4. M

    Krakow Poland "Rynek" Main Square Drone Video

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    DJI Mavic Flying Around Wawel Castle in Krakow Poland

  6. M

    Overlooking Krynica Poland and Funicular