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  1. Pool of Peace

    Pool of Peace

    Mine crater Pool Of Peace
  2. M

    Natural pool in Sardinia

    This is in Sant'Antioco island in the South of Sardinia. Made with mavic pro, the weather was a little bit windy.
  3. A

    Indoor Swimming Pool flying

    I have been asked to help do some filming in a indoor swimming pool facility. It is a olympic pool size and the height to the ceiling is at least 50 to 60 feet. Although the max would have to be about 25 feet since it has fixtures hanging from the ceiling. The question is what mode (tripod?)...
  4. beachbird

    crash and amazing recovery

    So I was using my Mavic to take a family photo and got caught up in the shot and forgot about the tree behind the drone... Crashed into the tree, and thought it was gonna stay lodged in the branches. Took my hands off the sticks, and it fell through more branches, did two flips, and "caught"...