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  1. MohaDXB

    Preflight Checker iOS

    Good day ! Anyone with experience with this app ? Seem to be very nice Thank you for your feedback
  2. C

    PreFlight Checklist

    I saw some PreFlight Checklists posted here and on the net so I gleaned some info and put together a checklist that has been working for me. I'm attaching copies of the checklist to this post in Pages, Word and PDF format in case anyone wants to add/subtract items. The original was made with...
  3. J-Dub

    Mavic Preflight

    A lot of this info is elsewhere, just combining some posts that will help before flying the first time... Found this link on, I will be taking a very close look at my Mavic before it goes skyward (sometime in 2017, ordered Oct 25th from the source)