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premier pro

  1. MikeinMO

    Slowing down video in Premier Pro

    Hello everyone. I have the Air 2s and shoot in 4K 30 FPS. I use the Adobe Creative Cloud software and do my videos in Premier Pro. I use a MacBook Air with the new M1 chip. Hardware out of the way, I’m having issues slowing down my footage in Premier. Sometimes the shot is just a touch too...
  2. E

    Suggestions about my very first clip with my mavic

    Hello Guys, I am really proud owner of My Mavic Drone, I went to brasil in january this year, and I recorded a nice spot with it, but I want to hear abour your opinion, what I can do better or not. Im open minded and I accept critic. The link is here: Now, end of this month I will go again to...
  3. Sailorick

    Hello from Sacramento.

    Rick here, I’ve had my Mavic Pro since June of 2017 and mostly fly around Sacramento and the San Joaquin Delta. We also have a place in North Lake Tahoe, Nevada and I fly up there also. I finally just retired so I’m finding a lot more time to get in the air. I mostly shoot in 1080p and cut the...
  4. J

    Hello from London - Day 1 / Flight 1 / Video 1!

    Hey all. First day with the Mavic. Pretty amazing. Also first day with Premier Pro where I made this: via an excellent 20 min online tutorial from this guy: All comments appreciated!
  5. AlwaysAWOL

    [How To] Time Lapse Mavic Pro 20 minutes in 10 seconds Just starting to learn Premier Pro, so was a test of some of the features. Any tips would be appreciated. Didn't bother too much with colour for this test. Here are the steps I took after popping the...
  6. UAV Man

    What editing software?

    To try and get an idea of the best editing suites out there I wanted to understand which is the most popular. So please answer the POLL and give feedback as to why you have chosen the specific software and any advice you wish to share.