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  1. M

    Bad pixelizing preview on android screen after upgrade fw to 01.04.300

    After upgrading my Mavic Pro to the newest fw 01.04.300 from 01.03.900 (the last one) I got very bad preview on my android device (samsung galaxy note3) connected to my mavic remote control. I tried first to refresh the firmware, next to downgrade to 01.04.100 (the oldest which I have on my dji...
  2. DougAles

    Mexico preview video

    Just something silly I put together as I wait for our trip to arrive.
  3. Kennetf

    Ipad Mini Preview-reception issue?

    Hey there mavic'ers! After hearing so much fuss about using the Ipad Mini in the mavic remote lately, I tired it out myself today. I experienced some glitching in the preview while using it. I had full HD streaming in like..5 seconds, and then suddenly it could start glitching all the time...