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quality control

  1. jcastillo265

    Mavic Pro Platinum's weak arm?

    Hello to this awesome community! Does anyone have issues with their new Mavic Pro Platinum's rear left arm? Mine is brand new, but now has a good wobbling issue. I've read that some Mavic Pro does have this issue and is it a concern? I'm worried about the built quality since my Mavic is not...
  2. Calhoun Ranger

    Mavic quality and customer service

    I am a "Mavic watcher". I really want one badly; I have owned a P3P for a year now and LOVE it. In looking at feedback in various places, I see an uncomfortable amount of negative comments about the quality of the Mavic, the number of malfunctions, firmware bugs, the lack of customer service at...
  3. Skyler King III

    My new Mavic unboxed and flew perfectly with NO issues

    Lots of talk around forums about "bad" Mavics. I have a Phantom 4, Phantom 4 Professional + and my Mavic Pro arrived yesterday. I had watched videos/tutorials and read the manual in advance. While the batteries charged I went over the Mavic and controller carefully. As soon as 1 battery &...