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quick shots

  1. C

    Dronies and other quick shots - different aspect ratio

    I did my first Dronie and Astroid etc. But when trying to add it to my amazingly poor video for YouTube - the screen was tiny! Is there a way to force these quick shots, to be 4K, 24fps?
  2. M

    Mini 2 Quick Shot Footage

    Hi guys, I’m quite new to this drone stuff and I got a Mavic Mini 2 for Xmas and have been having great fun with it. One of the features I love are the quick shots however when I go to load them in the app I can’t see any of the quick shots I’ve taken. I can see the regular videos and photos but...
  3. K

    Third time flying outside

    I was able to get in over an hour flying yesterday. I am getting more comfortable with the sticks. I do well heading away, and pretty good coming back. It's the east/west directions that I'm weakest with, but I am getting better. Yesterday I practiced general flying, landing, and started...
  4. heo3480

    Mavic 2 Pro Quick Shots Tutorial

    In this Mavic 2 Pro Tutorial, I will show you Mavic 2 Pro Quick Shots that you are getting as part of the Mavic 2 Pro Intelligent Flight Modes