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radio interference

  1. S

    How to monitor strength of surrounding radio signals

    Hi, all. I fly a Mavic Pro using DJI Go 4 and the DJI remote controller. Someone demonstrated to me, using DJI Go 4, once how to show the strengths of the various radio signals in the surrounding ether as a way of making sure that the levels of interference for the RC were low. I cannot for...
  2. J

    Do we not need any sort of EMF protection from the RC? thoughts

    After a couple of month of extensive Mavic-Video watching and contemplating; my Mavic Pro has finally arrived; bought it just week before going on cruises for the very first time.(Alaska) Flew the Mavic 3 days on the roll at a park near my house for a total flight time of 55mins. but for some...
  3. Fried Toast

    Greetings from Sendai, Japan.

    Mavic finally arrived this week and it went on its maiden journey this afternoon/evening. I love the size, but otherwise, not impressed. It was just above me and it did a Return To Home due to radio interference. It also flashed "Battery Warning" a couple times. Bad start. I pulled out the...