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  1. G

    Another Drone (Mavic 2) Turning Itself On

    My 2.5-week old Mavic 2 Pro has turned itself on twice. And I'm a new flyer ("pilot" would be a stretch at this point), having only flown a drone twice. I have flown RC airplanes. The last time it turned itself on was two nights ago (Saturday, 23Jan) after its last flight. I've powered it on...
  2. thefrisbee995

    Thought I'd Share This With Some Like-Minded Individuals...

    I've just made 2 posts showing a new Mini 2 video I made on YouTube and and old one I forgot I never shared. It got me looking through my old YouTube videos and gave me a sense of pride while reminiscing of those trips and I thought that they are some of the kind of videos you guys seem to...
  3. TomzHobbyz

    The small Lake @ Malaysia