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range extenders

  1. nangali

    Antenna Range Booster saved my Mavic

    So I was in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and decided to give the little guy a go downtown. It was a little windy but I figured as long I as kept the AC close, I should be alright. Well I got a little carried away with the beautiful skyline. Then all hell broke loose. I was beginning to lose...
  2. maxfaxdude

    Initial favorable impression of passive range extenders (windsurfers)

    Flying in flat rural desert terrain and both signals dropped to 3 bars at 200 feet AGL and 10500 feet out. Slid on the inexpensive ($15) passive range extenders from Drone Valley and both went to 4 bars. Flew out to 18500 feet (where I'd lost signal multiple times in the past without the...