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range issues

  1. P

    Mini se range much shorter than expected

    Heys guys, I recently purchased the mavic mini we and so I’m loving it. However there is one issue I’m having that’s really limiting me and it’s the range of the drone. All of the videos that I’ve watched show that in urban environments the drone can usually go about 1250~ meters before severe...
  2. I

    my Dji mini2 having 5ghz range issue

    my mini2 having range issue on 5ghz. when I cover rc antenna by hand 5ghz range totally loss. anyone have this issue please let me know how to fix it.. ps: my drone never crash or drop
  3. droneduder

    Purchasing advice: M2Z

    First post, been reading about Mavics for the past week. TLDR; I own a DIY quad racer running Omnibus F4 using Betaflight and DIY 550 hex with gimbal and HD cam running a Pixhawk and using Ardupilot. My FPV has been limited to crappy eachine goggles. Needless to say I have countless hours...