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rc disconnected

  1. S

    Resolved : Weak Signal (french forum)

    PROBLEME RESOLU! Bonsoir a tous, le probleme du weak signal a enfin été résolu! Par chance, j'ai un ami qui possede le meme drone (mavic pro), nous l'avons teste au meme endroit, effectivement sur le mien apparaissait "weak signal, adjust your antenna and avoid system" (aux alentours des...
  2. BadAssDK

    RC disconnected from drone with LOS

    Hi all, Yesterday I've got a strange problem; the RC disconnected several sometimes times being only 10-15m away, causing the drone to RTH. I've had my drone for a good month now and I've flown a lot of long trips, almost 2 km away with no problem apart for a "weak signal" warring of course...