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  1. J

    Rendering vid then app crashes

    I am wanting to render a vid that I have edited on the dji go 4 app. when it gets to 98% the app crashes. I have close all open app and have turned my phone off and on twice. I have tried rendering it 4 times and the same happens every time. I have a iPhone 8 . !!HELP!!
  2. treygeiger

    First edit: winter flying in Canada (Toronto Area)

    Hi guys - my wife surprised me with a MP for Xmas and it's such an amazing piece of technology! Despite the cold temps (-15C) I've found a few opportunities to play around with some cool shots and made my first basic edit. For anyone interested please feel free to have a look! I am just getting...
  3. DownandLocked

    What's Causing This? Mavic and Powerdirector Problem

    I flew a Litchi 12 minute flight but compressed it down to approx 4 minutes. 3K video rendered down to 1080. Also adjusted lighting and added color adjustment. The rendering on PowerDirector 15 took over 2 hours for a 4 minute clip. Questions: 1 - Is it normal to take this long to render? 2...