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  1. S

    Drone flew into hill! Can I sell "broken" gimbal/camera unit.

    Hi Everyone, I just returned from a trip to Central Asia and managed to crash my Mavic Pro on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. The crash was a bit of a mystery which probably deserves it's own thread but I was following a gradual uphill incline (of around 25 degree) and the drone just flew...
  2. T

    Brand New Mavic Pro/ Combo - UK

    I very stupidly placed pre-orders from four vendors (UK and HK) to play safe and end up four Mavic Pros/ Combos arrived (!!!) last week. Would like to swap 1 Mavic + 1 Combo for an INSPIRE 2 or sell them at a discount. I have two sets of Mavic Pros and two Fly More Combo sets and am leaving a...
  3. NOLA-J

    Hello from New Orleans,LA, USA - Happy to find this Forum!

    Just got my Mavic a few days ago. Very impressed with this drone. This was a serious upgrade from my Phantom 2. Any advice on how to sell the old drone?