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restricted areas

  1. J

    Which GPS Location Controls Restricted Area? Drone or Mobile Device?

    I have two different mobile phones with which I operate my Mavic Air 2 via an RC 231: 1) iPhone 13 Pro -- iOS 16.6.1 with DJI Fly 1.12.0 -- both slightly out of date I now see (maybe that's the difference?) 2) Used LG G6 -- Android 8.0.0 (seriously out of date but maybe the newest it supports)...
  2. Amit Dunsky


    I'm on a photographic trip to the USA, with my Mini 3 Pro. Again and again, I see many place where you can't fly drone. Why is this country so non drone friendly?
  3. P

    Mavic Pro sending Coordinates to Authorities

    Not sure if this has been discussed before here, but I saw a Youtube video where a Mavic Pro user talked about how the Mavic Pro sends your coordinates to local authorities. I'm a little concerned because I am close to a nature area and I am worried that I'll receive a fine in the mail (or a...