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  1. S

    Mavic 3 01.00.1300 rollback

    Is there any way to downgrade Mavic 3 from 01.00.1300 to any older version
  2. Y

    POLL: Which 01.03.xxxx AC firmware version is the best?

    Were there any other significant changes between versions 01.03.0200 and 01.03.0900 which have particularly affected this community? I understand AC versions 01.03.0900 (and earlier) permit the most straightforward DAT file exportation from the AC, and that versions 01.03.0700 and earlier...
  3. gustofusion

    How to roll back IOS Apps to previous versions

    A very easy and effective way to roll back to previous versions of an IOS app. You can also easily backup and save individual apps to an .ipa file so you can build your own library of IOS apps. Much easier than Itunes which no longer allows for backing up Apps to their installer