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rth checklist

  1. Amit Dunsky

    Super important lesson to learn

    Youtuber Windswept Robert was kind enough to share this story. For me: Lesson well learned. Never again will I assume the "signal loss" action is set to RTH.
  2. D

    Bad New Year! My 3 Weeks Old Mavic Mini Lost In The Wind

    I was fly my drone earlier today (2nd Of January) and I took it up and I noticed the wind was too much so I tried landing it and it wasn’t responding to the remote control, I initiated the RTH but the drone keeps flying away into the wind! I waited for few minutes since I initiated the RTH but...
  3. S

    Lesson Learned, importance of pre-flight checklist

    I want to share with you a quick experience with a lesson that might become useful for some of you. I'm very beginner in this field but been photographer for quite sometime. During our last hiking trip to Slovakia, I tried to fly the drone almost on daily basis and whenever the weather...
  4. J

    Mavic Pro Loss if control video

    Hi all. Here is a video of when my Mavic lost signal to my remote and did automatic return home. It’s an older video but still good tips. I really would love any new subscribers as YouTube changed things and now I’m pushing for 1k .. half way there :) Enjoy the video
  5. AlanTheBeast

    RTH Setup Checklist

    I find myself repeating variations of the checklist below on the site again and again. Now I'll just link to this. (2017-05-07 - REV 0.5). RTH Checklist. Adjust to your local conditions. Make sure your RTH settings take into account all obstacles in the area. Add 30 metres. All heights are...