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  1. eutx9795

    Ruins of a 12th Century Cistercian Monastery: Santa Maria de Bonaval 4K

    The foundation of the Cistercian monasteries was carried out in remote places, far from the madding crowd and in places that invite meditation and prayer. All this is reflected in the Bonaval Monastery, today in a state of ruin, located in the leafy valley of the Jarama River, at the entrance to...
  2. Zhultar

    Ruins of OHEB Castle 2K | Czech republic (turn on the sound)

    Google translator: The castle itself was built in the second half of the 14th century at the initiative of the Vilémovo monastery. It is also possible to have him put up with one of the later lien holders. The first written mention of the castle dates back to 1405, when it was owned by Jesek of...
  3. Ducketts grove house

    Ducketts grove house

    It's a delight
  4. Ducketts grove

    Ducketts grove

    Ireland is 'littered' with houses like this from landlord days
  5. Ducketts grove

    Ducketts grove

    Love the architecture
  6. Ducketts grove

    Ducketts grove

    Burnt in 1933 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duckett's_Grove