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safety guidelines

  1. AFAngryWarrior

    How do you deal with kids?

    I live in a Townhouse community in upstate NY. There are more kids than I'd like, but they've been well behaved up until this past week. I've been flying my drone around and tried to keep it above 120m hoping they wouldn't notice it up in the air. They did... You'd think they were Billy Bob...
  2. A

    Group flying event - Any advice?

    Hi I'll be co-organising a local meetup for the first time this week-end. There will certainly be a number of joiners, not all of them experienced, and we thought it would be good to distribute some instructions specific to group flying. Have you ever seen something like this or have experience...

    New safety guidelines video - please help

    Hi people, as some of you know I´m working on a free video tutorial series of the DJI Go app. Since I want it to be as good as possible, I´m trying to gather as much knowledge as possible and what would be better than asking for help from the vast knowlege here on the forum. I have now written...