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sam kolder

  1. heo3480

    Sam Kolder ⚠️ Fly Through Technique Test ⚠️

    I have tested Sam Kolder famous fly through technique in this video where I make my Mavic 2 Pro fly through a clearance in the forest to demonstrate the technique :-) I bet you can do this too, are you gonna give it a go?
  2. S


    Please give me your honest feedback!
  3. Z

    How to do sam kolder zoom transition on davince?

    Is it possible to do smooth zoom in/out transition using the FREE davinci resolve tool? There's a youtube tutorial on hyper zoom, sam kolder style using davinci but it is using a paid plug in. Most youtube results I found, they are using softwares other than davinci. I want to edit a drone...
  4. S

    Los Angeles 4K

    Please let me know what you think. I put 100+ hours into making this :)