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san francisco

  1. M

    San Francisco Bay Bridge

    The best shots I managed to capture during a day trip to San Fran. Launched from Rincon Park, which is a legal airspace according to the FAA. Footage contains shots of the Bay Bridge, the water, and the SF skyline. Enjoy in 4K!
  2. H

    Video Portrait with the Mavic Pro

    A video portrait with my friend Stephanie Danielle. It was filmed with a DJI Mavic Pro and Canon 6D. We are both new to creating videos and it was our first time filming portraits with a drone. Hope you like it!
  3. W

    San Francisco, fog and wind

    Hey, another video from my vacation, this time California Patrick
  4. M

    Summer Road Trip - 5700 Miles - 14 States

    This is my first trip where I had a drone with me to get footage, and it has made the videos on a whole new level! (at least I think so...) I got some shots outside of Death Valley, Salt Lake, and the Bay Area. Here is a 1 minute video from our trip out west a few weeks ago. I'm working on a...
  5. T

    Newbie checking in from San Francisco

    Hey everyone, I'm excited to join this group! I just bought a Mavic Pro yesterday. Its my first drone, and I am having a blast so far! Only problem is that I wasn't able to get anything done today, because my friends kept asking me to film something new or show them more footage. Even now...
  6. L

    Flying around the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

    Hello everyone, I am fully aware that the Golden Gate Bridge is now a No Fly Zone. I was wondering if any of you have flown around the bay bridge/treasure island area? I was checking one of the UAV maps online and it showed the area around the Bay Bridge as a fly zone, meaning there are no...
  7. kcoleman805

    Headed to San Francisco

    Hey all, Headed to San Francisco and wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the best places to fly and get some awesome shots. I will only be in town a few days, so I wanna get as much filming done as possible. Thanks for the help! Kasey
  8. nickelphoto

    My first travel with the Mavic - San Francisco, CA

    I'm getting sharper video now than I was in the beginning. Still learning Davinci Resolve (probably will be forever). Here are some clips around San Francisco from last week.
  9. flumpet

    Mavic Pro: I hate seagulls! (video)

    So here I was, awake early in the morning, ready to fly my Mavic at the Bay bridge. However there were a few photographers there taking the morning blue hour so I decided to not fly in case my mavic's lights leave light trails in their long exposure shots. Once they left I start flying but...

    Bay Area Pilots Sound Off

    Pilots from The Bay hit me up!