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  1. K

    Is Merozo a scam?

    #1 Drone of the Year - Merozo Picks is offering a $1,549.00 Mavic Pro package for $300. This came up as an advert on my Instagram. I was taught that if something looks to good to be true it probably is. There site has only been up for a week or so and I can't find anything else about them...
  2. Bruhaha

    Scam, I think, using DJI’s name

    I was careless and crashed my mavic pro. It appeared that the gimbal was compromised so I sent the drone back to the repair shop in Dallas. I have the DJI care refresh service contract so I sent it per their system. I have since received two notices from them asking for $79.00 I’ve been...
  3. tfrank48


    anyone get this ad on facebook? 80% OFF TODAY ——Best drone hmmm I’ll take 3
  4. M

    Beware of Mavic Pro Scam: Drones4You

    Hello everyone, I wanted to post this thread so that everyone is aware of an ongoing scam. You may see Ads of this via Google Ads when searching for specific keywords, or through other websites... so please beware and do not try to purchase a drone from these guys - it is a scam. The Ad will...