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  1. Dumeinao

    Too hard to report item as a scam on eBay.

    Geeze, I tried for 10 minutes to simply find a way to report this item as fraud on eBay. By the time I figured out the process, the last line before hitting submit is that I agree I am certifying myself as a law enforcement officer! :mad: Seriously eBay? Anyhow these seller(s) just showed...
  2. D

    Beware....Another email scam alert looking for me to do a job

    Just got an email through Pilots Central from a guy wanting me to do a job and asking where I'm located. And if I will take his credit card for payment. Chris Jules [email protected] When I googled it, someone already posted on another site he's trying to get them for a drone job. BEWARE
  3. Sierra Aero Recon

    Scam Alert!!

    I started receiving text yesterday about a potential new job. Some aspects of the situation threw up major red flags wile other aspects made it seem like it may just be a very odd person with a legit request. I did google the property and it was listed for sale online. I called the realtor and...
  4. iamsmarkus

    "Replacement" Mavic 2 Pro has exact same error as the one I sent in for service after crash

    So, a few weeks ago I crashed my Mavic 2 Pro into our fence, because it didn't really behave at start as it should - it went forward instead of up. Don't know if there was some sensor disturbance or whatever, doesn't matter now. I did have the care protection so I sent it in for repair two weeks...
  5. K

    Is Merozo a scam?

    #1 Drone of the Year - Merozo Picks is offering a $1,549.00 Mavic Pro package for $300. This came up as an advert on my Instagram. I was taught that if something looks to good to be true it probably is. There site has only been up for a week or so and I can't find anything else about them...
  6. Bruhaha

    Scam, I think, using DJI’s name

    I was careless and crashed my mavic pro. It appeared that the gimbal was compromised so I sent the drone back to the repair shop in Dallas. I have the DJI care refresh service contract so I sent it per their system. I have since received two notices from them asking for $79.00 I’ve been...
  7. tfrank48


    anyone get this ad on facebook? 80% OFF TODAY ——Best drone hmmm I’ll take 3
  8. M

    Beware of Mavic Pro Scam: Drones4You

    Hello everyone, I wanted to post this thread so that everyone is aware of an ongoing scam. You may see Ads of this via Google Ads when searching for specific keywords, or through other websites... so please beware and do not try to purchase a drone from these guys - it is a scam. The Ad will...