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screen recording

  1. danCER

    DJI AIR 3 RC 2 screen recording straight to microsd?

    Hello. I recently got the Air 3 with RC 2. I love finally being able to record the RC screen. When I go to retrieve the video captured, it is not on the microsd card (I will refer to it as SD from now on). I have to go to the internal storage and then MOVE TO the SD card. However there is a...
  2. L

    Screen Capture on the RC Pro

    I just completed a "how to" video on capturing the screen (stills and videos) on the new DJI Remote Controller (RC Pro) for the Mavic 3. We cover Screen Shots (Stills), Screen Recording (Video), Reviewing the Captures on the RC Pro and transferring the files to your computer. Click for Video
  3. stevietee10

    Screen recording on Android devices

    Hi I'd like to hear other pilots experiences of screen recording apps for Android devices. Are there any that are really good and don't hog resources? Are there some to avoid all costs !! ? Any feedback and advice greatly appreciated Cheers Steve :)
  4. S

    Crystalsky Ultra7.85

    I know there is a screenshot option on the Crystal Sky Ultra, is there a screen recorder option as well? If not, can anyone recommend a free app that will work with CS? Sorry, I am coming from iOS and am not familiar with android. Thanks in advance, -Steve
  5. W

    Tablet performance tab s2 T713 with Litchi screen recording

    Hi, Like to purchase a tab s2 T713, but can't find how the performance of the tablet is in combination with Litchi and GO4 running the latest Android version 7. What is the expirience when running screen recording and Litchi with the Mavic Pro. Running smoothly? What is the expirience when...