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  1. Mid-AtlanticDroneServices

    Replace bottom cover/aux light

    I recently had a crash for my 2s after doing the StartRC battery mod. I lost power at about 100 feet altitude and it hit grass fairly hard. The gimbel was wonky for a while and the left leg was ever so slightly bent (not broken). The only real damage seems to be the aux light is not working...
  2. P

    DJI mini 2 Propeller screw stuck

    Last night I was flying my new DJI mini 2. Soon before I planned to land, my app crashed as it started automatically updating to the new update (for the air 2S). I immediately landed it but one propeller slightly caught a rock on the way down. There was only slight damage but ofcourse decided...
  3. I

    8 Pin connector issue - Accelerometer failed

    Hello everyone! My Mavic Air which has been spot on - absolutely amazing had its first very small accident. Decided to try the auto return home and on decent it was about 2 metres away from take-off position and I took over the control and somehow got it all wrong ( I am a good pilot normally)...
  4. K

    mavic screws. Please help!

    aloha all. I can't find anywhere to buy magic pro screws. can someone please help me find an online vendor that sells a screw set for magic pro. Thank you
  5. Annevanzwol


    Hi. In re-assembling my Mavic after a crash I somehow lost 2 screws. I choose to leave the two at the top back open. See picture. The Mavic is working fine but I don't like to leave it like this. Does anybody know which types these are (or equivalent) and where I could puchase them?