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  1. D

    3 Large flocks of seagulls fly under Mavic 3 while over the ocean. Beautiful and amazing to watch.

    While at the beach flying over the ocean, large flocks of seagulls approached and flew directly under the Mavic 3 while it was hovering near the shoreline. Looks beautiful and amazing as they pass in a unified formation.
  2. Derlisz

    Mini 2 A day trip to Lyme Regis. Nice old English seaside resort.

    Lyme Regis is a seaside resort on the coast of Dorset, UK You can find more information here: Lyme Regis - Wikipedia The aerial part of the video was a bit complicated due to a local population of seagulls being particularly aggressive. No copyright music used is available on I...
  3. D

    Seagulls don't like drone

    While filming some fishing boats at Joe Patti's in Pensacola Fl, a few seagulls thought I was invading their turf or air space. They got a little too close for my liking.
  4. FakeRaven

    Birds ever an issue for you?

    just finished a heart pounding flight home after I had a small flock of barn swallows doing fake-out nose dives at my mavic, some passing within meters of my gimbal. I figure I'd flown over a nesting area and promptly gtfo. Just thought I'd gather people's thoughts or experiences with upsetting...
  5. mattmjm

    Close call with birds

    I've noticed that some birds don't exactly appreciate the presence of my Mavic. So far I've had one close call with birds dive bombing the Mavic while in flight. This resulted in me having to act quickly to bring it home and land to avoid them as they were getting too aggressive and there were...
  6. flumpet

    Mavic Pro: I hate seagulls! (video)

    So here I was, awake early in the morning, ready to fly my Mavic at the Bay bridge. However there were a few photographers there taking the morning blue hour so I decided to not fly in case my mavic's lights leave light trails in their long exposure shots. Once they left I start flying but...