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selling mavic rc

  1. E

    I'm selling my mavic pro again. Urgent

    Hi guys, I'm selling my Mavic Pro with 20 days of purchase. I have it complete, with 3 batteries, handbag to carry it, extra helices. etc I sell it back to my country and I will not be able to use it. It's new with 20 days Pay him $ 2200 Australian dollars. The one who is interested write me...
  2. Grungymike95

    Stores that carry Mavic Without RC

    I've been looking to purchase a Mavic without the RC since I already have the RC, seems like the only option is to purchase it directly through DJI. Which I have no problem with, except that it takes almost a month to actually get it. If anyone knows of a store that carries Mavic's(not online...