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sensor noise

  1. W

    DJI Fly 1.11.4 Update for Air 3 as well?

    I've seen this post quoted on a few sites and I'm a little confused if they are saying the "Mavic 3" they mean the Mavic Air 3? I know there's a Mavic 3 Pro and a Mavic 3 classic. But I don't remember there being a "Mavic 3", unless they're referring to the new Mavic Air 3. Am I confused here...
  2. G

    MavicPro Platinum - grain & poor video quality

    Hi, new owner of MPP. Did couple of test flights today and was disappointed with video & photos coming out of drone. I've uploaded videos here for you to see: Dropbox - Upload Forum Setting as follows: Grain 1.mp4 - latest firmware - 4K, 30fps - 1/320 - 100 ISO - WB Cloudy - D-log - style...
  3. Irmantast

    Optimal camera noise reduction

    I made a test video where you can see stock / color graded / denoised footage. Drone footage towards sun is taken with ND16 filter on. Color graded in Premiere PRO CC, denoiser - Neat Video. Camera settings: D-cinelike (+1; -2; 0), filmed in 4K and downgraded to 1080. You need to have sharpening...