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  1. mattcoq

    2 Pro Shanghai Dawn

    Hi everyone, Some familiar and less familiar Shanghai views ... Enjoy the flight, Matt
  2. D

    Air 2 Shanghai China by Night - skyline cinematic footage 4K

    I hope u like the drone Videos on my YouTube channel :)
  3. mattcoq

    2 Pro 40th Day of Puxi Lockdown

    Hi Everyone, So of course in this latest video, no flying at all but all was taken with my Mavic Two Pro ... I really wished my windows opened a little more so that I could lauch and retrieve my drone safely during this lockdown period ... But that's the best I can get for now ... Matt
  4. mattcoq

    2 Pro Shanghainese Night Flight

    Hi Everyone, Haven't flown much in a city or in Shanghai since a long time ... Not having the opportunity to get out of town recently, I decided to give it a go with the great visibility and weather conditions. Had a blast and great flight (as well as editing) Though, I noticed that...
  5. D

    See the beauty of China

    On a recent trip, I saw China and fell in love with Yunnan Province. My wife and I had no idea how to get around so we took each day as it came. We ended up on some pretty long hikes and bus rides, but it all was worth it. Tell me if you know some of the locations :D I'll be editing a few...
  6. timesnaps

    Mavic Pilots - China (Mainland)

    As I be heading to Beijing soon (where I be for the foreseeable future) I thought I give it a headstart and see if there are any Beijing or China based pilots out there, that like to share ideas, thoughts and information for flying and aerial photography in China. Happy to meetup too of course.
  7. mavicprodrone

    Newbie checking in from Shanghai

    Anyone else from Shanghai also flies the Mavic Pro drone? Where do you fly?