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short circuit

  1. L

    Diagnosing black camera feed after crash & short circuit

    This is a long story but here it goes. I was flying the mavic pro over a quarry that has water in it. I was actually flying without my phone connected since it had been stolen a couple of days before, but didn't want to miss out on flying at this great place and recording. As I was flying the...
  2. M

    My Mavic had a short circuit and came out smoke and burnt.

    ESTABA volando mi avión no tripulado, Cuando fui un switch to La Batería, lo Deje Despues de dormir ONU par de minutes en el interior del avión no tripulado Como un Corto Circuito y salio humo negro y Un olor a quemado, Que no mucho era, de Pero no Se Conecta con RC, ni la Aplicación. Creo que...