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  1. PhilHevican

    Mini 2 ICELAND | The Beautiful Icelandic Landscape from a DJI Mini 2

    Hi All, Iceland has in my opinion some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet and I feel so lucky to have managed to capture so much of it's natural beauty that I wanted to share with you all. Hope you enjoy and any and all feedback is welcome!
  2. PhilHevican

    Mini 2 Skógafoss Waterfall in Iceland - Showing off what the DJI Mini 2 is capable of

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to show off and get some honest feedback from my Mini 2 flight around Iceland's spectacular waterfall Skógafoss. I tried to make it short and sweet whilst also trying to demonstrate what the Mini 2 is capable of. Let me know what you think and of course any criticism is...
  3. J

    Traveling to Iceland

    First Post! Going to Iceland in about 2 weeks and am planning to take my Mavic Pro with me (First trip out of the UK with it) I have seen online, a lot of general tourists complaining about Drones at the main tourist destinations and wondered if anyone has had any issue with others...
  4. M

    Iceland Trip Waterfall Video

    Shot with my Mavic Pro, which rocked on this trip: Airvūz - Iceland Waterfall Compilation