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  1. A

    City Skyline Night Shot Settings

    New to the Mavic community; I’m heading to Chicago in a couple of weeks and wanted to get some night footage of the Chicago skyline/ Lake Shore Drive. As a novice with the Mavic Pro, I was wondering if any experienced pilots have gotten some good skyline shots, and if so what settings did you...
  2. M

    San Francisco Bay Bridge

    The best shots I managed to capture during a day trip to San Fran. Launched from Rincon Park, which is a legal airspace according to the FAA. Footage contains shots of the Bay Bridge, the water, and the SF skyline. Enjoy in 4K!
  3. Seabas82

    Mavic Pro - Coconut Grove Marina

    Got some decent weather the other day and got the Mavic up in the air to Take some of the beautiful views of Coconut Grove's Marina. The sun was somewhat in the horizon which made it a good choice to use the ND8/PL filter from Polar Pro Vivid Series. it brings out contrast on the shallow parts...